11. feb, 2014


Blowing a wind, a wind of change.
A change within. A chance for all to make another change.
The wind is blowing away all your pain.
To help ourselfs once again, to have a change of mind.
Give yourself the possibility, to change within.
Change the ways you look at yourself.
And see that you are just as you should be.

The only change you must do, is from the love in your heart also to you.
The wind is blowing and giving you a second chance, a chance to go
To give yourself all the love you can, while there still is a chance.
The change is coming, it's coming our way.
So no it's time to let love inside again.
Let the love flow and cleanse your mind from within.
Let your worries float away.
Let yourself be restored once again.
Answer it and say: Come in, come in, come in.

Open the door to yourself once again, let love float true your veins.
Give yourself that second chance love, love, love and love again.
Love yourself from within, give yourself all you are.
Give it from your heart.
Giving you rest in mind.

A change is blowing with the wind.
That is coming with other things.
Open your mind to all, you will be guided from within.
Open open open wide, open up to all you are.
All the love within.

Do to yourself one more thing, live your life from the love within.
Don't let the fear hold you down, let the love for yourself.
That you had when you where a child.
Let it guide you true the storms of your mind.
Let yourself feel the joy.

The joy of loving yourself from your heart and mind.
Let the wind of change blow away, all that you don't need to say.
Just let your feeling speak from within.
Talk to your heart and mind once again.
In love and joy for all that you are.
You don't need to hide anymore who you are.

Reidun Haavik